Healthcare Innovation Day

Healthcare Innovation Day

Together with EVRY we arranged a workshop day to explore the future of healthcare. Tobias Larsson & Mikael Johnsson of BTH and Helena Blackbright (Automation Region) was the organisers and the place was EVRY Strategic Design Lab in Stockholm.

Brett in workshop mode

Healthcare Innovation Day was a collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare sector with the aim of initiating future solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in healthcare. The aim of the day was to inspire, share knowledge, network and work with two more detailed issues in care.

Globally, healthcare is under severe pressure as the population increases, ages and becomes increasingly sedentary. By 2020 there will be more than 7.6 billion people. If the trend continues, a large proportion will have increased health problems. More than 30 percent of the world’s population is exercising too little, 20 percent are overweight and
13 percent are 60 years or older and Sweden is following the global trend.

For example, during the Healthcare Innovation Day, we addressed issues such as:

  • How do we move from reactive healthcare to proactive well-being?
  • How do we give people with chronic disease a better quality of life through fewer physical visits to healthcare?
  • How can we use “close to body” sensors in future healthcare?
Alex of talking on healthcare futures

The morning started with inspiration keynotes to provide a broad world-wide analysis. Professor Tobias Larsson shared insights on the topic of wearables and their role in lowering the bar to collect data and turning these into insights. 

Actor map presentation

After lunch, we entered workshop mode on the issues. The focus was to arrive at a state where one or more design sprints can be stated with a clear focus to realize a prototype, a so-called Minimum Viable Product.

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