Girls invited for inspirational day in engineering

Girls invited for inspirational day in engineering

In collaboration with Womengineering ( BTH invited young girls on the “Introduce a Girl to Engineering”-day ( where we showed the engineering education and created an interface towards being an engineering by allowing girls to meet with students and teachers, and also get a chance to experiment with problem solving.

Ongoing prototyping

Christian Johansson Askling and Ryan Ruvald introduced the girls to the Karlskrona Makerspace Lab that is a facility meant for problem solving, rapid prototyping and experimentation for our students and researchers, aiming at supporting a process of ideate-design-build-test-iterate in rapid fashion.

“I gave an introduction to the maker culture and the process we deploy when working in high tempo prototyping, and then the kids got to work first-hand with some of the gear. In this case the LittleBits, that is a platform for innovation and creativity around do-it-yourself electronics. It was fun, the girls engaged in the task and I’m proud to be able to give this introduction for girls to engineering.” says Christian.

Besides the lab session, also Vice-Chancellor Mats Viberg introduced BTH and studies, alumni talked about the BTH experience and future work career. All in order to inspire a dialogue with the girls and make them interested in this line of work.

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