Measuring Innovation Capability in Teams – MINT | 2011-

Objectives: Innovation capability is important for industrial companies today in order to be competitive on the market. But the questions are first, how can the current state of innovation capability be known? And second, what need to be undertaken to increase the innovative performance? These were the guiding questions behind this research project being conducted at Volvo Construction […]

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Dynamics in Metal Cutting | 2009-2011

Project completion brief: BTH-PDRL-Project-DynamicsMetalCutting-completed.pdf Industrial PhD support: Sandvik AB STA participants: Martin Magnevall PhD thesis of Marting Magnevall: Simulation and Experimental Methods for Characterization of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Sharing       

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Design for Wellbeing | 2004-

Objectives: Design for Wellbeing redirects the focus of product development from technology-based development, via needs-based development, to participative product development and innovation. By adapting a multidisciplinary approach, involving health sciences and engineering disciplines, we are able to manage the entire development cycle from an initial understanding of users’ needs to studies of finished products in use. […]

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