SåNätt project finalized via open fair in Gothenburg

SåNätt project finalized via open fair in Gothenburg

SÅNÄTT was a collaborative project driven by the common goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry through lightweight innovation. Academics, automotive suppliers and one vehicle manufacturer collaborated in the research and development of design concepts aimed to cost effectively reduce the weight of a classic family saloon by 20-40%.


sanatt-1While the aim of the initiative was to develop lightweight solutions, which would comply with recent changes in legislation that demand severe lowering of emissions, SÅNÄTT also targeted the organisational framework within which the industry develops automobiles today.

“Value-based Design” was directed by Professor Tobias Larsson from Blekinge Institute of Technology. During this phase, the participants were to consider the value of every concept from different perspectives, such as the driver or the dealer, rather than simply from an engineering point of view. These ideas were then gathered and the project management team proposed a structure for the teams to work on during the next phase of the project.


The “Idea to Innovation” stage of the project was run by Prof. Tobias Larsson and PhD candidate Massimo Panarotto, from Blekinge Institute of Technology. It was comprised of a number of workshops focusing on value driven design, which were aimed at giving the teams the necessary tools to distinguish innovation from novelty within their concepts and therefore understanding their true value.


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For more information: Product Development Research Lab Director, Professor Tobias C. Larssontobias.larsson@bth.se, +46(0)455-385525.

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