Blekinge Museum – Agenda 2030

Blekinge Museum – Agenda 2030

World Heritage Karlskrona

Programme: Mechanical Engineering – Industrial Economy

Course: MT2569

Corporate partner: Blekinge Museum

Challenge: As of today Blekinge Museum lacks customer segment in the age between 18-35, their main visitors are old people and families. The problem was to identify the root cause of why young adults don't find it appealing to visit Blekinge museum and how to make the museum more interactive and interesting.

Solution:To make the museum more interactive and interesting for young adults a VR-Escape Room concept was created. The VR-Escape Room uses high end tech that is feasible and appealing to first time users as well as users that are familiar to the concept. The story and backstory relates to the world heritage of Karlskrona and by 3D-scanning objects in the museum one can interact with the items instead of seeing them behind protective glass.

Impact:The expected outcome from this solution is that the VR-Escape Room will attract a younger audience (age 18-35) as well as the audience they already have today and make them visit more regularly. The attraction will also give the museum means to profit.

Prototypes: We made a prototype in Google Slides where the user could click themselves along the pages to find clues and riddles in order to escape the prison cell. The prototype also contains of a 1 minute backstory filmed by the members of the project.

Quotes from sponsor/partner: The partner was very intrigued with the solution and can't wait for the next step to make this concept into a reality. Quote: “I really love this idea".

Project team:

  • Jesper Sundius, Industrial Economy, class 2017
  • Ludwig Neuman, Industrial Economy, class 2017
  • Axel Heyman, Mechanical Engineering, class 2017
  • Muaz Abdul Muti, Mechanical Engineering, class 2017