Autonomy on-demand! Autonomous testing of human-driven compaction roller

Can we transform a compaction roller to become temporary autonomous for executing a specific task? And can we do it in a cheap and flexible way? That´s the challenge that Jojje Sundblad and Sebastian Tuma Fischer, master thesis students in Mechanical Engineering at BTH, have faced in collaboration with our research partner Dynapac. Endurance tests […]

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Adding littleBits to the prototyping experience

Prototyping is at the heart of our engineering education. With resources (via our Karlskrona Makerspace environment) we are now adding the littleBits to our library. LittleBits are electronic circuits that snap together and in an instant you build circuits, add CloudBit and you got it internet connected! For more information: Product Development Research Lab Director, Professor Tobias […]

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