Data-driven modelling in the era of Industry 4.0: A case study of friction modelling in sheet metal forming simulations

ABSTRACT With growing demands on quality of produced parts, concepts like zero-defect manufacturing are gaining increasing importance. As one of the means to achieve this, industries strive to attain the ability to control product/process parameters through connected manufacturing technologies and model-based control systems that utilize process/machine data for predicting optimum system conditions without human intervention. […]

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Product-Service Systems for Functional Offering of Automotive Fixtures: Using Design Automation as Enabler

ABSTRACT In production of automotive components, control-measuring is an important activity to assure that geometries meet expected tolerances. This is done via randomly taking parts out of production for control-measuring in a fixture. This fixture is both a tedious and repetitive product to design and configure. The aim of this paper is therefore to present […]

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