Congratulations Shafiqul Md Islam, PhD!

Today, Shafiqul had a morning of presentation and discussion as he defended his PhD thesis “Fracture and Delamination in Packaging Materials: A Study of Experimental Methods and Simulation Techniques” in front of family, friends and colleagues at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The research has focused the development of building blocks for complete package-opening FE-simulation. The studies […]

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Elastic Press and Die Deformations in Sheet Metal Forming Simulations

ABSTRACT Never before has the car industry been as challenging, interesting, and demanding as it is today. New and advanced techniques are being continuously introduced, which has led to increasing competition in an almost ever-expanding car market. As the pace and complexity heightens in the car market, manufacturing processes must advance at an equal speed. […]

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Simulation-Driven Design Approach for Design and Optimization of Blankholder

 ABSTRACT Reliable design of stamping dies is desired for efficient and safe production. The design of stamping dies are today mostly based on casting feasibility, although it can also be based on criteria for fatigue, stiffness, safety, economy. Current work presents an approach that is built on Simulation Driven Design, enabling Design Optimization to address […]

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