B. Broberg 5th Symposium on Mechanics of Materials

B. Broberg 5th Symposium on Mechanics of Materials

Broberg Symposium

24th and 25th of August 2015
Karlskrona, Sweden 

The organizers of the fifth symposium to honour the memory of Professor Bertram Broberg have the pleasure to announce a meeting with the focus on theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics. This year will be held at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden (BTH). Professor Broberg was the first professor of Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) where he was also the first Vice Chancellor. To honour his memory, a first symposium was arranged in Dublin, May 2007, at the instigation of his widow, Anne Buttimer Broberg, in what has become a series of symposia. For the fifth symposium, the intention is to maintain the informal atmosphere of the earlier symposia, and to keep the number of participants at a maximum of around 50  participants. 


BTH is mainly located in the beautiful marine city Karlskrona (Watch the movie: Karlskrona from above). The venue of the conference is at the beautiful campus of  Blekinge Institute of Technology, around 3 hours by train from Copenhagen airport.  For hotel information, please find a list over hotels in Karlskrona here.


The papers presented at the Conference should concern problems of classical mechanics, preferably with connection to the broad variety of problems addressed by Professor Broberg. This includes, stress waves, fracture mechanics, biomechanics, geomechanics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, probabilistic mechanics, numerical and experimental methods, general continuum mechanics etc. This year, we would like to add Eco design and sustainability as a new topic since Professor Broberg has also contributed in this field and this is one of the focus areas of BTH. If you like, you may also prepare a short story about what you know of Professor Bertram Broberg as a scientist and a person at the beginning of your presentation or during the dinner.    


Under communication and can be found here before the 1st June. 

IMPORTANT DATES & Registration

  • Before the 15th of June 2015 the participants need to submit the titles of presentation and register here: Registration (please choose 5th B. Broberg Symposium). Notice that you are registered when the payment is done.
  • Before the 15th of August, the participants will be asked to submit the abstract of the presentation.
  • The Symposium will start at 10 am, the 24th of August, 2015 and finish around 16 pm the 25th of August, 2015.


The conference fee of 2000 SEK includes lunch, dinner and conference fee as well as social activities.

Please contact the symposium secretary lena.brandt.gustafsson@bth.se if you have any practical questions regarding registration. 


  • Sharon Kao-Walter, Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  • Per Ståhle, Professor at Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  • Matti Ristinmaa, Professor at Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  • Patrik Skantze, activities organizer in Karlskrona (Sweden). 


  • Anne Buttimer-Broberg (Ireland)
  • Peter Löwenhielm (Sweden)
  • Solveig Melin (Sweden)
  • Michael Gilchrist(Ireland)
  • Adrian Ottewill (Ireland) 


If you require any additional information please write to the below people:

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