Prisoner’s Dilemma as a Workshop Tool?

Prisoner’s Dilemma as a Workshop Tool?


Product lifecycles are shorter than ever and agile innovation processes and teams are being developed to meet challenging product lifecycle deadlines. Teaching how to create innovation teams is however shown to be both complex and time consuming, which is not optimal in a time where the business environment demands faster pace when innovating. This research has explored the potential of using Prisoner’s dilemma as a workshop tool to stimulate learning and collaboration, which is the core of innovation team’s work, to be further developed to educational tools if being successful. The workshop setting was based on the participating organisations’ individual and concrete ideas to be developed, where game elements were designed as game mechanisms. Management from six organisations participated in the research, three of the organisations conducted a workshop designed as a modified Prisoner’s dilemma, and the other three organisations participated in a non-gamified workshop based on the same content as the gamified one. Empirical data were collected through statement-based questionnaires, rich field notes, and observations from the video-recorded workshops. The findings indicate that Prisoner’s dilemma may be used as a workshop tool for educational purposes. However, significant findings indicate that collaboration felt somewhat mandatory and learning was not optimized due to the dilemma. The research’ limitations are discussed and further research is suggested. 


gamification; prisoner’s dilemma; workshop; innovation management; innovation team


Johnsson, M. (2018) Prisoner’s dilemma as a workshop tool? The 2nd International GamiFIN Conference


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