Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 courses

Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 courses

The fourth industrial revolution enables an industrial production that is more automated, digitized and connected. In a smart factory, machines, components and people communicate with each other and flows and processes are analyzed and controlled automatically. Individual customer adaptations and product development are done faster, cheaper and without the need for large volumes. Resource consumption can be radically reduced and industrial companies can, with digitalisation, accelerate the transition to sustainable industrial production that is digitally connected, flexible, resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and provides the conditions for an attractive workplace.

BTH now offers two courses in Smart Industry starting in the spring semester 2021:

  • Smart Industry: Human / Machine Collaboration in Industry 4.0 (7.5 HP)
  • Smart Industry: Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 (7.5 HP)

Read more at “Kurser inom Smart Industri“.

Contact Tobias Larsson for more information.

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