Bridging simulation granularity in system-of-systems: conjunct application of discrete element method and discrete event simulations in construction equipment design

Abstract The paper addresses a critical challenge in System-of-Systems (SoS) simulations arising from the different granularity levels in SoS simulations, integrating non-coupled Discrete Element Method results into SoS-level Discrete Event Simulations using surrogate modeling. Illustrated with a wheel loader bucket use-case in mining, it enhances early design decision-making and lays the groundwork for improving SoS […]

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Welcome as a PhD candidate Mubeen Ur Rehman

Mubeen Ur Rehman is a PhD candidate at BTH that started Feb 1, 2023, signed up in Mechanical Engineering research education. He will be working in close collaboration with our research partners and in several of our portfolio of projects. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND? I am Mubeen. I majored in Mechanical Engineering […]

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