Volvo CE Exploration Forum 2016 – Innovation Conference coming up

Volvo CE held the Innovation Conference XPLORATION FORUM 2016 in Eskilstuna early September, effectively displaying Volvo Concept Lab. Being closely involved in the innovation model research and development, several PDRL researchers took part. The meeting brought together researchers, engineers and innovators in the VCE network in order to share, learn, inspire, and connect. A poster […]

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Prototype discussions in video conference.

Human-machine interaction in autonomous mode

How can automated machines and humans work efficiently in the same area – at same time building trust between each other – without any risk for the humans and without any unplanned downtime for the machines? That is the challenge for this year’s Volvo CE ME310 project with BTH and Stanford University.

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“Dancing with ambiguity” in global Stanford/BTH/Volvo innovation project

Late October, a team of BTH Mechanical Engineering students, and future game-changers, travelled to Palo Alto, and the world #1 engineering university; Stanford University. It was time for the kick-off for the 2015/16 ME310 Global New Product Design Innovation. ME310 is a course where a global network of designers, engineers and innovators are challenging complex real world […]

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