Hyperloop Young Makers

In our way of fostering maker culture among the engineers of tomorrow, we let loose the young guns upon the Hyperloop idea and let them prototype pods for this emerging fifth mode of transport.

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LittleBits Star Wars Bitwars event

A saturday morning, young apprentices gathered at the BTH Karlskrona Makerspace for a day of deep dive into Star Wars themed LittleBits play! Fueled by theme music, and 1st generation fans (coaches, parents etc.) they immediately started the ideation; ligthsabre, movie scene, droid… Hmm. Tough choices! Having the chance to play around with Sphero BB8, and […]

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LittleBits school workshop

During a day, 9th grade kids were invited for an innovation workshop. Exploring efficiency (through assembling a torch faster and faster), planning, and innovation was the task at hand. Using littleBits, Lego Mindstorms, 3D printing and lowtech workshop material we explored the process of needfinding, ideation, and prototyping of solutions. Professor Tobias Larsson and PhD […]

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