Student based startup: Hulder

Hulder is the startup of Johan Bruce, alum from BTH Mechanical Engineering, and also a previous Makerspace Ninja. Hulder is a development project in progress. It is a service that monitors and maps areas where the spruce bark beetles swarms. Hulder enables swarms to be observed in real time and allows forest owners to gain […]

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Design Thinking 2018

This year’s iteration of the Design Thinking course (MT2547) has completed with a Design Expo at BTH where the students presented and demonstrated their results to other student peers, teaching staff, and general public as well as media.  Design Thinking depicts an approach to product (and service) development that puts emphasis on designing with empathy […]

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För att på ett bättre sätt kunna stödja er som arbetar i våra innovationsmiljöer så har vi tagit hjälp av studenter med intresse och erfarenhet av ”making”. Vi kallar denna nya roll i vårt Makerspace för ”MakerNinja”. Sharing       

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