Fracture toughness analysis of aluminum (Al) foil and its adhesion with low-density polyethylene (lpde) in the packing industry

Abstract Liquid food packages consist of various polymers films, which are bonded together with Aluminum foil (Al-foil) using adhesion or by direct heat. The main aim of this research was to define important material properties such as fracture toughness and some FE-simulation material model parameters such as damage initiation, damage evolution, and the adhesion between […]

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Study of Ligament Length Effect on Mode Mix of a Modified In-Plane Shear Test Specimen

ABSTRACT Shear fracture toughness is an important material behavior that needs to be determined and considered in many industrial fields. At the same time, shear testing is one of the complex material testing areas where available methods are few, often need special arrangements, and most of the methods do not strictly satisfy the definition of […]

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