Resource-Limited Societies, Integrated Design Solutions, and Stakeholder Input

Abstract Poverty is a multidimensional issue, characterized by deprivations and constraints at the individual, institutional, economic, and technological level. To satisfy the unmet or underserved needs of people living in poverty, the relevant constraints in the target context must be addressed via integrated design solutions. Although previous studies in this field show that designing integrated […]

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Extreme Product-Service Innovation 2017/18 completed

In the Extreme PSS Innovation course, students from BTH’s masters programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, and Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) are given challenges from real industrial companies to solve. The course is a central part of BTH’s mantra “In Real Life”. 

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Designing for Lymphedema patients (MT2547)

In the Design Thinking course, students from the MSPI-program and the Mechanical Engineering MSc program have explored issues relating to diagnosis and treatment of Lymphedema. Based on need analysis, ideation, and a prototyping approach, the students have developed concepts for how to address these issues, focusing on merging user desirability, with feasibility and viability from a business perspective.

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MSF Activities On The Greek / FYROM Border

Humanitär innovation vid BTH

Institutionen för Maskinteknik vid BTH har en stark forskningsprofil inom teknisk produktutveckling; hållbar produktinnovation, främst med koppling till områden som flyg, rymd, fordon, transport samt tillverkande industri i allmänhet. Sedan ett år tillbaka har profilen utökats till att även innefatta tillämpningar inom humanitär innovation. Professor Tobias Larsson är styrelsemedlem i Röda Korsets Högskola (RKH) som […]

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Center for Tele Medicine – Sustainable Products and Services within E-health and Tele Medicine | 2010-2012

Objectives: The project will provide a cost-effective development of sustainable e-health related services and products. This should be done by various pilot project demonstrators to create realistic scenarios. Primarily this is done for the County Council of Blekinge but also other potential customers may be targeted. The project will create a technological-medical frontier area that can […]

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Design for Wellbeing | 2004-

Objectives: Design for Wellbeing redirects the focus of product development from technology-based development, via needs-based development, to participative product development and innovation. By adapting a multidisciplinary approach, involving health sciences and engineering disciplines, we are able to manage the entire development cycle from an initial understanding of users’ needs to studies of finished products in use. […]

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