Design of Product–Service Systems: Toward an Updated Discourse

Abstract The engineering rationale, composed of established logic for the design and development of products, has been confronted by a shift to a circular economy. Digitalization (e.g., Industry 4.0) enables transformation, but it also increases relational complexities in scope and number. In Product–Service Systems (PSSs), the combination of manufactured goods and services should be delivered […]

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Development of a Circularity Impact and Failure Analysis: Obsolescence and Recyclability Integration

Abstract: The application of the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) has been an established practice in systems engineering and engineering design for some decades. The benefit of applying FMEA is to raise engineers’ awareness of potential risks related to a specific design configuration so that corrective actions can be preventively prioritized to avoid potential […]

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Simulation-driven design for assessing strategic decisions in the conceptual design of circular PSS business models

ABSTRACT Due to ever increasing challenges faced by our global society, circular design and the idea of product-service systems (PSS) is gaining traction within businesses. However, ‘predicting’ the value of a future PSS solution in the early design phases is difficult, since it requires the ability to balance long term potential with short term decisions. […]

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