A global capstone project course in the age of coronavirus pandemic: Learning from the ME310 ReGlove case

Abstract Engineering educations deploy capstone courses as a way of supporting students’ transition into the engineering profession. This paper presents a global collaborative product development project affected by several constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The paper analyses the students’ journey, as they navigated the final part of the project, drawing on learnings […]

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Design thinking approach and program outline

Shaping wicked problem solvers: innovating education programs through design thinking

Abstract: Societies across the globe are facing many unprecedented challenges; climate change, pandemics, and resource depletion, just to name a few. These societal challenges, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and companies’ demands about knowledge and skills required from future employees have put pressure on academia to develop suitable education programmes in many disciplines, including product […]

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Knowledge Foundation supports development of profile education in Mechanical Engineering!

The Knowledge Foundation (h has decided to fund the development of our MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering (project budget of 2.7 MSEK). “It feels great that The Knowledge Foundation believes in us and the research profile we have in mechanical engineering! Connected to our research, and in intense collaboration with industry, we now get the […]

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AVANS – Development of Second-Cycle MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering | 2019-

Projektet syftar till att utveckla och påtagligt förnya Civilingenjörsprogrammet i Maskinteknik vid Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. Baserat på resultat från KKS forskningsprofil Model-Driven Development and Decision Support – MD3S, är målet att skapa ett program som utbildar och förbereder ingenjörsstudenter för digital produktutveckling där de kan samarbeta med företagspartners kring framtida innovationer i ett sammanhang och […]

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