Extreme Product-Service Innovation 2017/18 completed

In the Extreme PSS Innovation course, students from BTH’s masters programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, and Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) are given challenges from real industrial companies to solve. The course is a central part of BTH’s mantra “In Real Life”. 

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Volvo CE Specialist & iCoach days 2015

The yearly gathering of global innovation coaches (iCoaches) and specialists took place for some days in Eskilstuna. The Munktell Museum provided an excellent back-drop, and inspiration, with the 180 year industrial history behind Volvo Construction Equipment. The BTH research team of Professor Tobias Larsson, and Assistant Professor Christian Johansson (boosted also with entrepreneur Sebastian Sjöberg) supported VCE within […]

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10X Labs presentation

Exponential innovation workshop with 10X Labs & Ericsson

PDRL are Fellowship partners in 10X Labs, that aspire to create “a space, a culture & a method for building exponential innovation and solving the world’s most wicked problems”. Together with Ericsson, Volvo CE, Hyper Island, All Binary, BTH took part in an ideation event friday 17th. The event focused on ideation on problems of […]

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Blekinge X-labs, ett designinitiativ för accelererad förändring

Affärsliv, en näringslivsbilaga till BLT/Sydöstran hade idag en artikel av Jan Hindersson om det designinitiativ för accelererad förändring som Professor Tobias Larsson och entreprenören Sebastian Sjöberg samlat näringsliv och offentliga aktörer till. Läs artikeln här: Affarsliv-xlabs-20141112. Blekinge X Labs är inte ett företag, inte ett affärsnätverk och inte akademisk forskning. Det är ett designinitiativ för accelererad […]

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Research Based Start-up Initiative – 10X Labs

10x Labs exists to do two things. It explores how to build a drastically improved world upon exponential technologies. It also facilitates these insights, and the belief that springs from them, to others. The initiative was prototyped in late 2014 and launched at full scale early the following year. PDRL Professor Tobias Larsson is the initiator […]

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