Strengthening our industrial PSS research: welcome Alice!

Strengthening our industrial PSS research: welcome Alice!

Alice Rondini, 3rd year PhD student in Economics and Management of Technologies (DREAMT) at the University of Pavia (Italy), joins PDRL in the next three months as guest researcher to strengthen our capabilities in the domain of Service Engineering. Her focus will be on simulation techniques to design, configure and monitor Product-Service provision processes.

Alice is member of the CELS research group. CELS belongs to the Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering of the University of Bergamo, and is active in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Service Chain Management and Industrial Asset Management.

“The goal of my research is to develop design and assessing methods to support the (re)engineering of mass-customized industrial product service systems” Alice explains.

“Firstly, I am looking at how to identify and assess PSS concepts in the early design phase. Later in the design process, I am exploring the problem of how to apply modular engineering to service processes to reduce cost and time to market of the PSS, as well as of how to assess such processes to deliver customized solutions.”

“I hope this experience in Sweden will give me the opportunity to extend the range of applications of my findings, possibly in different industrial domains, so to clarify usability and utility of the methods I am currently working with.”

Alice brings with her several years of experience with service lifecycle management processes, mostly matured in industrial projects with ABB and through collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan University, where she has been visiting researcher in 2014.

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