Innovation Enablers for Innovation Teams – A Review

Innovation Enablers for Innovation Teams – A Review


This review consolidates research on innovation enablers for innovation teams, defined within this research as factors that enable a crossfunctional team within an organization to conduct innovation work, to provide a deeper understanding of what factors enable innovation teams to conduct innovation work, which means that this research involves three areas to provide a holistic picture: the organizational context, the team itself, and the individuals within the innovation team. A systematic database search was conducted in which 208 relevant articles were identified and analyzed thematically way. Twenty innovation enablers related to innovation teams were identified: awareness, capabilities, climate, collaboration, culture, dedication, economy, education, empowerment, entre- / intrapreneurship, human resources, incentives, knowledge, knowledge management, management, mind-set, need, processes, strategy, and time. This review contributes to prior research a deeper understanding of what key factors enable innovative work for innovation teams. Suggestions of both academic and practical use for the identified innovation enablers are included in this review, and direction for future research is suggested.


innovation, innovation management, innovation enabler, NPP


Johnsson, M. (2017), Innovation Enablers for Innovation Teams – A Review, Journal of Innovation Management, ISSN 1000-324X, E-ISSN 2183-0606, Vol. 5, no 3, p. 75-121


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