Special Session “Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS” at CIRP IPS2

Special Session “Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS” at CIRP IPS2

Marco Bertoni and Tobias Larsson are together with Giuditta Pezzotta and Fabiana Pirola of University of Bergamo setting up a special session on “Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS” at CIRP IPS2 that will be held in Hong Kong / Zuhai 2019.

Deadline for proposals are Nov. 30th for full paper & abstract submission, more info here.

Special Sessions Call for Papers

Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS (MDDS-PSS)

Description of the topic:

In the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0, Decision Support (DS) systems are benefitting from increased availability of real-time data. By monitoring physical processes, e.g. by acquiring data from sensors and actuators, organizations can create a virtual copy of the physical world, and use this representation to make decentralized decisions so to optimize and automate manufacturing processes.

In the same fashion, ubiquitous and pervasive computing offers an unprecedented opportunity to enhance Product-Service Systems (PSS) design and operations. For instance, the ability to record a large quantity of data about hardware use, service performance and human-product interactions (e.g., using smart devices to collect feedback from customers and stakeholders) is believed by many to dramatically enhance decision making at different levels of the enterprise (strategical, tactical and operational) and along the entire lifecycle of the PSS.

Yet, the intrinsic multidisciplinarity of PSS poses numerous challenges to this exercise. This is emphasized by the fragmentation of the PSS network, which introduces severe issues related to data availability. Exogenous variables characterizing the operational context of the ProductService Systems can also create biases in the dataset collected from the field. All these aspects hinder the systematic application of quantitative models to support and automate decisions in the realm of PSS.

The aim of this Special Session is to share contributions on the latest achievement in the field of Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS (MDDS-PSS). The purpose is to gather industrial and academic experts in discussing the opportunity to support PSS decision making through the application of a model-based approach, from early design exploration to operational planning. This entails the application of quantitative methods, such as simulation, mathematical models, statistical analysis and optimization, to help companies in making better decisions along the PSS lifecycle.

The session invites both theoretical contributions and industrial case applications, promoting conjoint research efforts that successfully merge qualitative and quantitative approaches for PSS modelling. Examples of topics for the Special Session include (but are not limited to):

  • Theories and principles of MDDS-PSS
  • Methods and tools for MDDS-PSS
  • Case studies on MDDS-PSS
  • Industrial demo and pilots for MDDS-PSS
  • Industrial challenges in MDDS-PSS
  • Technology enablers for MDDS-PSS
  • Radical Innovation and MDDS-PSS
  • Design automation and MDDS-PSS
  • Uncertainty issues MDDS-PSS
  • MDDS-PSS in education

Proposed keywords: Product Service Systems; Model-driven decision support; decision analysis; Simulation-driven design and development.

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