Problems when creating inter-organisational innovation teams

Problems when creating inter-organisational innovation teams


This research aims to gain knowledge on how inter-organisational collaborative innovation and research projects can be initiated through a systematic workshop series. A series of workshops was planned and executed by an intermediator organisation. Sixteen participants representing academia, industry, and funding institutions were invited with the goal of initiating collaborative innovation or research projects. Data were collected through observations, statement-based questionnaires, and interviews. At the end of the workshop series, no projects were initiated. The problems were identified as the intermediator’s lack of knowledge in selecting and preparing participants for this setting, but also the participants’ lack of knowledge regarding innovation work and collaboration on an inter-organisational basis. Further research is suggested. 


innovation team, innovation management, multi-functional, x-functional


Johnsson, M., C. Hyrén (2018), Problems when creating inter-organisational innovation teams, ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovation, The Name of The Game, Stockholm 


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