Global Product Innovation | 7.5 ECTS | PhD Course

Global Product Innovation | 7.5 ECTS | PhD Course

Next course start

  • February 201X.
  • Formal Course Descriptor 2017 here.
  • Application declaring your intention to participate and a short abstract of your research profile to before December 1, 201X.


Product development in industry is getting leaner and leaner. Fewer large industries know more about a lot of things. The foreseen way out of the effectiveness race is innovation.

Innovation in products, services and processes will trough the lens of Global Product Innovation be targeted in this course.

The goal in this course is for the participant to be able to: Develop and carry out product innovation processes that are more attentive to prospective user needs and that consider users as active participants in the development of innovative products, and in a global setting.

This by means of theory in lectures and by practice in a live project

Aim of the course

The course focus is to give the participant knowledge to understand theories and methodologies regarding global product innovation.

The aims of the course could be summarized as follows:


The core of the course is the application of theories and methodologies to a live project.

The project task will be presented at the first lecture and all participants work on the same project. If the class is big there will be several competitive teams rather than one single team.

The project task shall be taken from its infant stage all the way to actual commercialisation.


On completion of the course the student should be able to:

Learning and teaching

The course consists of lectures, theoretical work and a practical course project. The course is taught in English.

The course builds upon the Design Research Methodology. In the course the participant use the DRM to clarify and plan research, with the own research project as assignment base.

Every student delivers three assignments (literature study, ARC diagram, and finally a research plan) that is presented and discussed with the peers in the course.

Assignment and grading

Participating students are required to attend all theory classes as well as provide individual, and group wise, documentation after each of the 5 stages in the P2I process.

Grades: Fail/Pass.

Credits: 5 credits / 7.5 ECTS

Course examiner is Professor Tobias C. Larsson, and after completion of the course the participant will receive a course certificate.

Course evaluation

The course responsible is responsible that the doctoral student have the opportunity to comment on the course.


  • The Art of Innovation, Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman, foreword by Tom Peters.
  • A compendium with related readings will be handed out during each course part 

Course responsible

The main teachers are (other experts in the field will be involved and invited):

  • Professor Tobias C. Larsson, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology.
  • Guest lecturers


The course, that is national, consists of two physical meetings, individual (our group) work in between the meetings. Web meetings held in Adobe Connect at

Scheduling will be done according to participants availability, but will consists out of the following sessions (physical meeting or web meetings) with a planned start in March 201X:


Send an e-mail declaring your intention to participate, including a short abstract of your research profile to


For more information, please contact;

Tobias C. Larsson (course examiner)

Mechanical Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology          

+46 (0)455 38 55 25

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