BTH researchers contributing to the Swedish Production 2030 agenda

BTH researchers contributing to the Swedish Production 2030 agenda


How is it like to shape the future? Ask Marco Bertoni and Christian Johansson, who on March 25th took part to the Made in Sweden 2030 workshop.

The workshop is the first step towards setting the 2030 Strategic Agenda for Innovation and Production in Sweden. The agenda is proposing a new vision and recommending long term efforts that are necessary to strengthen innovation, development and production of goods and services in the Swedish manufacturing sector. It articulates on 6 keys areas:

  • Environmentally sustainable production
  • Flexible manufacturing processes
  • Virtual production development and simulation
  • Human-centred production system
  • Product- and production-based services
  • Integrated product and production development

The workshop was organised by Teknikföretagen at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg and involved more than 130 representatives from major Swedish universities and manufacturing companies.  

Do you want to know more: download the Made in Sweden 2030 brochure at this link (in English).

For more information: Marco, at the Product Development Research Lab.

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