The cigarette filters-free urban environment design challenge

The cigarette filters-free urban environment design challenge

A store-and-recycle solution for the problem of cigarette butts on the ground

Programme: Mechanical Engineering – Innovative and sustainable product development

Course: MT2568 Value Innovation

Corporate partner: Karlskrona Kommun / Karlskrona Municipality

Challenge: To develop or present a solution for the municipalitcy which would help them remove cigarette butts from cobbled streets. Either a cleaning tool or an alternative that changes the behaivour of the smokers.

Solution: Our solution is a metal cylinder with a screw-on lid that the smokers can store their used cigarettes in. The cylinder will be able to contain 10 butts before it needs to be emptied. As a complement to this we suggest a recyling station for the cigarette butts, similar to the ones found at local supermarkets for aluminium cans and PET-bottles.

Impact: This will reduce the amount of cigarette butts that is thrown on the ground or in stormwater wells. Not only does litter look very bad, it also inhibits growth in nature, it destroys marine life and creates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

At the same time will our recyling machine provide a more sustainable solution than the ones existing today where the smokers (in the most optimal scenario) throw them in the garbage cans.

Prototypes: In CAD we created a prototype of the metal cylinder as well as the recyling station for the solution. This was done to make the presentation of our solution easier and the rapport more informative.

Quotes from sponsor/partner:

Project team:

  • Pontus Moberg, Industrial Economy, class of 2016
  • Axel Heyman, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017
  • Mohammed Ali Hussein MSC in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015
  • Joel Wirén, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2015