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Newsletter: Ramping up research profile+ | 2019:04

We did get the approval for the Profile+ extension (3 year / 55 MSEK) from the Knowledge Foundation, excellent!This means that we will further deepen the research in digital product development in order to support the transition to a sustainable society, and we will support our partners development of sustainable product-service systems suitable for the circular economy.

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Introducing value driven design in engineering education: teaching the use of value models in preliminary design

ABSTRACT Methods and approaches for teaching engineering disciplines are evolving to adapt to the needs of companies and society. Engineering Design is one of the areas most influenced by such changes and constantly striving to develop more effective and efficient strategies to prepare the soon-to-be engineers to face the challenges of a real working environment. […]

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Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Sustainability and Value Assessment in Early PSS Design

Sustainability is a key innovation capability in the organization, yet it is difficult to “mix and match” sustainability targets with more traditional objectives—such as quality, time, cost, and performances—when designing and developing new products. Our latest paper titled “Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Sustainability and Value Assessment in Early PSS Design” proposes a model to guide […]

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