Simulation-driven design for assessing strategic decisions in the conceptual design of circular PSS business models


Due to ever increasing challenges faced by our global society, circular design and the idea of product-service systems (PSS) is gaining traction within businesses. However, ‘predicting’ the value of a future PSS solution in the early design phases is difficult, since it requires the ability to balance long term potential with short term decisions. Modelling and simulation is believed to be able to support this challenging task. A simulation framework for circular design of PSS is presented. The simulation process enables the comparison between functional and non-functional performances and their life cycle contributions depending on a defined PSS-like business model strategy. Such integrated simulation framework is intended to exploit engineering models outside their specific discipline, enabling cross-functional collaboration and help decision makers understand how a design can contribute in satisfying customer and stakeholders needs during the lifecycle of a PSS.


Simulation-driven design, circular economy, product-service systems, multidisciplinary decision-making


Panarotto, M., J. Wall, T. Larsson (2017), Simulation-driven Design for Assessing Strategic Decisions in the Conceptual Design of Circular PSS Business Models, 9th CIRP IPSS Conference: Circular Perspectives on PSS 2017.