Boosting Value Co-creation in Design Through the Product-Service System Digital Twin: Questions to Be Answered

Abstract Digital Twins (DTs) are among the most hyped technologies of the 2020 s. Yet, the research dealing with the use of DTs in early Product-Service Systems design remains insufficiently systematized. Based on the findings of multiple-case studies in the Swedish manufacturing industry, the objective of this paper is to collect and present a set […]

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Mining data to design value: a demonstrator in early design

ABSTRACT The paper presents a study run to verify the applicability of data mining algorithms as decision support in early design stages of a product development project. The paper describes a two-stage scenario providing the rationale for the application of data science in engineering design. Furthermore, it describes a demonstrator showing how data can be […]

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Nonlinear Quality Function Deployment: an experimental analysis

ABSTRACT Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a common model to frontload engineering design activities with, linking the characteristics of a product vs. the voice of the customer using linear relationships. This approximation is often claimed to be misleading when dealing with the design of complex engineering systems. The paper presents the results of experimental activities […]

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