Most Influential Qualities in Creating Satisfaction Among the Users of Health Information Systems: Study in Seven European Union Countries

ABSTRACT Background: Several models suggest how the qualities of a product or service influence user satisfaction. Models such as the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), and Delone and McLean Information Systems Success demonstrate those relations and have been used in the context of health information systems. Objective: This study aimed to investigate which qualities […]

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PrimCareIT – Tele-conferencing to fight social and professional isolation | 2012-2014

Objectives: The project will provide a cost-effective development of sustainable e-health related services and products, especially focused on tele-consultation solutions. This should be done by pilot project demonstrators to create realistic scenarios for  a future sustainable health care. The overall aim of PrimCare IT is to raise the attractiveness of remote primary health care for medical […]

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