Congratulations Syed Azad Chowhery, Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering!

Syed Azad Chowdhery presented his licentiate thesis entitled “A data-driven approach for Product-Service Systems design: Using data and simulation to understand the value of a new design concept” in front of an interested audience both present, and via online, on Friday afternoon. Syed presented the context and motivation for his research and then took the […]

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A data-driven design framework for early stage PSS design exploration

Abstract Ubiquitous and pervasive computing holds great potential in the domain of Product-Service Systems to introduce a model-driven paradigm for decision support. Data-driven design is often discussed as a critical enabler for developing simulation models that comprehensively explore the PSS design space for complex systems, linking of performances to customer and provider value. Emerging from […]

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Model-driven value assessment: a case from the food packaging industry

ABSTRACT Consumer perception of food packaging solutions is driven by early design decisions on paperboard configuration and manufacturing technologies. Simulation Driven Design is common to frontload design activities, but is confined to the engineering field and fails to capture higher-level value aspects. This paper presents an assessment framework connecting customer value dimensions with simulations conducted […]

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