BTH-forskare i Kina för att diskutera hållbar produktion

En delegation bestående av forskare från bland annat BTH, Lunds universitet, Swerea IVF, Tetra Pak och Volvo Cars har diskuterat hållbar materialformning och dess tillämpningar inom bil- och förpackningsindustrin vid ett veckolångt besök i Kina. Symposiet arrangerades av BTH, Shanghai Polytechnic University och Kunming University of Science and Technology.

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A virtual turbine module demonstrator for aircraft engines

Aircraft engines are complex systems built by modules and components whose perfect coordination grants the safety and the performances of any aircraft. Bringing innovation in such a system is a complex and critical task that needs to be enabled by the right methods and technologies. The capability of virtually testing new ideas instead of recurring […]

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VITUM – VIrtual TUrbine Module demonstrator | 2014-2017

The aim of the project is to demonstrate how innovative solutions can be developed if traditional modular and component interfaces are challenged and to enable a hardware demonstrator for Clean Sky II. The project aim to develop and demonstrate technologies and capabilities that can be realized a s several components in a turbine module are […]

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