Investigating effects of group model building on sustainable design decision-making 

Abstract This research seeks to investigate the effects of a Group Model Building approach on the sustainability knowledge base prior to the weighting of design requirements. Current practice shows that the knowledge about sustainability impacts and implications on other design objectives often is limited and dispersed among decision-makers. Including sustainability criteria in needs and requirements, therefore, tend […]

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Development of a Circularity Impact and Failure Analysis: Obsolescence and Recyclability Integration

Abstract: The application of the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) has been an established practice in systems engineering and engineering design for some decades. The benefit of applying FMEA is to raise engineers’ awareness of potential risks related to a specific design configuration so that corrective actions can be preventively prioritized to avoid potential […]

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Exploration of Simulation-Driven Support Tools for Sustainable Product Development

ABSTRACT Global society is encountering many challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, etc., which comes with a set of challenges and opportunities for businesses. Applied research in operational tools and methods that support sustainable product- and service systems innovation, aims to strengthen businesses to overcome these challenges. In recent years, several tools and methods […]

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