Inverse problem of nonlinear acoustics: Synthesizing intense signals to intensify the thermal and radiation action of ultrasound

ABSTRACT Inverse problems of nonlinear acoustics have important applied significance. On the one hand, they are necessary for nonlinear diagnostics of media, materials, manufactured articles, building units, and biological and geological structures. On the other hand, they are needed for creating devices that ensure optimal action of acoustic radiation on a target. However, despite the […]

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Acoustic microfluidics: Capillary waves and vortex currents in a spherical fluid drop

ABSTRACT Self-similar solutions are found for a quadratically cubic second-order partial differential equation governing the behavior of nonlinear waves in various distributed systems, for example, in some metamaterials. They are compared with self-similar solutions of the Burgers equation. One of them describing a single unipolar pulse is shown to satisfy both equations. The other self-similar […]

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