Randomised, controlled, open label, multicentre clinical trial to explore safety and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen for preventing ICU admission, morbidity and mortality in adult patients with COVID-19

Abstract COVID-19 may cause severe pneumonitis and trigger a massive inflammatory response that requires ventilatory support. The intensive care unit (ICU)-mortality has been reported to be as high as 62%. Dexamethasone is the only of all anti-inflammatory drugs that have been tested to date that has shown a positive effect on mortality. We aim to […]

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Permeability properties of a pressure induced compacted polymer liner in gas cylinder

The permeability properties of composite gas cylinders for breathing gas with polymer inner-liner are investigated. The cylinder wall can be described as a composite membrane consisting of two layers. The permeability properties of the cylinder are presented as permeability coefficient and permselectivity. Deviation from the expected gas components might lead to incidents and potentially harmful […]

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