Congratulations Omsri Kumar Aeddula, Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering!

Omsri Kumar Aeddula presented his licentiate thesis entitled “Data-Driven Decision Support Systems for Product Development – A Data Exploration Study Using Machine Learning” in front of an hybrid audience of online listeners and physically present people. In all a crowd of some 50 participants. Omsri presented the context and motivation for his research and then […]

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Integration of value and sustainability assessment in design space exploration by machine learning: an aerospace application

Abstract: The use of decision-making models in the early stages of the development of complex products and technologies is a well-established practice in industry. Engineers rely on well-established statistical and mathematical models to explore the feasible design space and make early decisions on future design configurations. At the same time, researchers in both value-driven design […]

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Research demos at Innovation Day 2019

The Blue Science Park Innovation Day 2019 was yet another successful demonstration of BTH’s PhD students driven research. With a unique blend of industries represented at the event there was quite a buzz around the HoloLens Augmented Reality based prototypes created for autonomous construction vehicle interaction, and the Poppy Robot used for engineering student experiments.

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