A framework for data-driven design in a product innovation process: data analysis and visualisation for model-based decision making

ABSTRACT: The paper presents a four-layer framework for the application of data-driven design in a product innovation process. The framework builds on the Knowledge Value Stream and on the Product Value Streams of a product innovation process and indicates how data-driven activities shall be structured and organised in relation to the different phases of a […]

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STPs’ role as facilitators when innovation-advising organizations develop a common quality-assured innovation advising process

Abstract This study explores science and technology parks’ (STP) role as facilitators when an innovation advising organization network (IAON) within the health, social welfare, and medical technology sector (health-tech) develops a quality-assured innovation advising process (QAIP). The background is that more and more products using Industry 4.0 technology are being developed for the health-tech sector. […]

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The innovation facilitator: characteristics and importance for innovation teams

ABSTRACT This research develops the understanding of the innovation facilitator’s (facilitator) role in terms of inexperienced innovation teams in an industrial context. Qualitative data was collected from three X-functional innovation teams’ members and their sponsor to identify the requirements for a facilitator. Forty characteristics were identified and charted in an innovation process. Significant findings, contributing […]

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