Frugal-IDeM: An Integrated Methodology for Designing Frugal Innovations in Low-Resource Settings

Abstract People living in low-resource settings at the base of the world income pyramid (i.e. Base of the Pyramid — BOP) face several constraints. To satisfy their unmet needs, integrated frugal innovations are necessary. Several studies, discussed using many names such as ‘design for Base of the Pyramid’, ‘design for development’, ‘product service systems’, ‘frugal […]

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The influence of industry 4.0 on product design and development: Conceptual foundations and literature review

Abstract Since its introduction in 2011, industry 4.0 has been coined the“4th industrial revolution” following mechanization, industrialization and IT/automation as the first three, and represents the current trend of automation technologies (cyber‐physical systems, internet of things, cloudcomputing, etc.,) in the manufacturing industry, with their potential for disruption of the manufacturing paradigm as we know it. […]

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