Frugal-IDeM: An Integrated Methodology for Designing Frugal Innovations in Low-Resource Settings

Abstract People living in low-resource settings at the base of the world income pyramid (i.e. Base of the Pyramid — BOP) face several constraints. To satisfy their unmet needs, integrated frugal innovations are necessary. Several studies, discussed using many names such as ‘design for Base of the Pyramid’, ‘design for development’, ‘product service systems’, ‘frugal […]

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Design and Frugal Innovations: Three roles of resource-poor people

ABSTRACT Design is imperative to satisfy needs of people in resource-limited societies. Many design studies have been carried out in the context of such societies in developing countries, and are discussed under names such as humanitarian engineering, frugal innovations, appropriate technology, design at the Base of the Pyramid, design for development, etc. In this paper, […]

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Frugal Innovation for global sustainable development

‘Frugal’ means making things simpler, in such a way that they are adapted to the local circumstances, or adapted to a resource constrained environment. Frugal innovations can be placed on the junction of affordability and good enough quality, while still having basic functionality. Sharing       

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