Experimental and numerical assessment of the work of fracture in injection-moulded low-density polyethylene

ABSTRACT The fracture mechanics properties of injection-moulded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets were investigated both experimentally and numerically. The total work of fracture was determined experimentally, by means of fracture mechanics testing of sheets of injection-moulded LDPE with side cracks of different lengths. A multi-specimen method, proposed by Kim and Joe (1987), was employed. The total […]

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Experiments and FE-simulations of stretch flanging of DP-steels with different shear cut edge quality

ABSTRACT Dual-Phase (DP) steels are today used in the automotive industry due to its large strength to weight ratio. However, the high strength of DP-steel does have a negative impact on the general formability in sheet metal forming. Unfavourable process conditions in the press shop will, on top of this, reduce the formability of DP-steels […]

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Modeling and Study of Fracture and Delamination in a Packaging Laminate

ABSTRACT In this work, a packaging laminate consisting of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), Al-foil (Aluminum foil) is focused, and failure due to necking in substrates and interfacial delamination under loading are considered. A coupled elasto-plasticity damage and fracture constitutive model is combined. The proposed constitutive model is incorporated into the FEM code ABAQUS and utilized […]

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