A simplified approach towards customer and provider value in PSS for small and medium-sized enterprises

ABSTRACT While the provision of PSS is becoming more and more common, the transition toward a servitized business model is still critical. This is particularly true for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) due to their limited internal resources and ability to define a servitization strategy. A crucial aspect during this transition is the identification of […]

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BTH PDRL at the 9th CIRP IPSS Conference

In their editorial, Tim McAloone, Daniela Pigosso, Niels Henrik Mortensen and Yoshiki Shimomura remind us that the philosophy behind in Industrial Product Service Systems is to create customer-oriented solutions that function for longer and thus increase resource productivity, minimise resource consumption and enhance the ultimate value-add to the end user. In this spirit, the 9th […]

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Expanding Value Driven Design to meet Lean Product Service Development

ABSTRACT The paper presents a discussion about gaps and opportunities for cross-pollination between Value Driven Design and Lean Product Service Development to promote the use of value-driven method and tools since the preliminary design stages. In particular the paper discusses how methods and tools developed in Value Driven Design have the potential to be applied […]

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