Congratulations Omsri Aeddula, Doctor of Philosophy!

Omsri Aeddula successfully defended his PhD thesis “Navigating Data Challenges: AI-Driven Decision Support for Product-Service System Development” in front of a full house of 50 people in the room and online. Omsri made a popular presentation of his research and took the audience through his findings and application cases within mechanical engineering and applied health […]

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Congratulations Omsri Kumar Aeddula, Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering!

Omsri Kumar Aeddula presented his licentiate thesis entitled “Data-Driven Decision Support Systems for Product Development – A Data Exploration Study Using Machine Learning” in front of an hybrid audience of online listeners and physically present people. In all a crowd of some 50 participants. Omsri presented the context and motivation for his research and then […]

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