Interest in research

Interest in research

We typically do research in order to make an impact; better products, less material use, less environmental impact, higher value, lower cost etc. The solution space is wide and the knowledge generated is big.

Still, it is interesting, and fun, to once-and-a-while have a look at how the articles are being downloaded or viewed. So, here are some highlights!

  • The licentiate thesis of Johan Wall; “Dynamics Study of an Automobile Exhaust System” may be an old one dating back to 2003, but it is a blockbuster item. Soon fossile will be over, but Johan is smoking hot! 15716 downloads!!! This is on place 18 for all time downloads at BTH.
Visits to licentiate thesis of Mikael Johnsson
November 2018 was a good month for Mikael!

Finally, the “Bertoni Brothers”; Marco and Alessandro, are at place 4 on the all time list of visited conference papers with “Models for Value-driven engineering design” with 7214 hits.

Statistics are just that fun!

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