Model Driven Decision Arena: an aerospace study

Model Driven Decision Arena: an aerospace study


The concept of Decision Theatre (DT) is of great interest to leverage knowledge sharing in early stage design decision events. Yet, few contributions show how to configure a DT to support design space exploration and concept selection in cross-functional teams. This paper describes the development of a model-driven decision arena (MDDA) for aero-engine sub-system design. After presenting the descriptive study findings, it illustrates the overall logic of the MDDA environment and exemplifies its use in a case study related to the design of a turbine real structure (TRS) for commercial use.


decision theatre, visualisation, case study, value driven design, collaborative design


Bertoni, M., Wall, J., Bertoni, A. (2018) Model Driven Decision Arena: an aerospace study. In: D. Marjanović, M. Štorga, S. Škec, N. Bojčetić, N. Pavković (eds.) (ed.), Proceedings of the International Design Conference (pp. 171-182).


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