ME310 team colocate in Sweden for kick-down towards final solution

ME310 team colocate in Sweden for kick-down towards final solution

The ME-310 project, with students from BTH and Stanford University working on supporting Volvo CE innovate the pains of today’s and concerns of tomorrow’s construction workers, is moving into the final phase where the students will deliver an innovation in time for the final event in June. The students have met up in Sweden to work together and with Volvo CE to get a feel for both the future and the past of the construction equipment industry.

A tour of the the Munktell museum to see the long history of construction equipment was on the agenda.

During the spring break week for the Stanford-students, the global team convened in Sweden for their second co-located meeting in this year’s ME-310 project.

The aim of the week’s work was to evaluate the past period’s exploration and needfinding activities and make a plan for the “bringing it home”-phase that the students are moving in now as the spring period begins.

The students began the week by traveling to Eskilstuna to meet up with liaisons and engineers at Volvo Construction Equipment’s headquarters. Based on presentations of their progress so far, they then had several sessions where they discussed future directions and options with engineers and marketing people at Volvo. The students also had the opportunity to see Volvo’s machines being put to some tests and then got the chance to try out driving excavators and wheel loaders for themselves.

Discussions with Volvo CE employees.

Thereafter, the students returned to Karlskrona for some long sessions of working through the information they have and the feedback that they received to find a direction for the final push of the project.

In the weeks until Stanford EXPE in June, the students will design, engineer, and build the solution that they will display at the design fair on Stanford campus. This work will contain developments of a physical solution and the simultaneous development of an integrated business case that has an integrated Product-Service System view on how this will support the construction sites of 2030.

Stay tuned for further updates on the progress students make towards EXPE!

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