Exploring Technology with Hyper Island students

Exploring Technology with Hyper Island students

The entire Friday was spent in delivering a module in “Exploring Technology” to the Hyper Island media students. It became a day of understanding where technology in product development is moving, and what trends that move alongside. We went deeper into the background of additive manufacturing aka 3D printing, and why it is labelled a disruptive and democratizing technology. Product Development researchers Tobias Larsson, Johan Wall and Ryan Ruvald was facilitating and inspiring during the day.

Sketching and discussing

The Hyper Island creative people went from sketches on paper into a digitalization process of moving drawings to 3D digital models, and then also printing those in the array of printers at BTH Product Development Research Lab. It is truly inspiring to see the energy these students have, and how they totally embraced themselves into the prompt of creating a cool “impossible” 3D printed design.

Hey, it is printing!!!


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