Visit to Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing

Visit to Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing

Ph.D. student Omsri Aeddula visited the Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bangalore, India to explore collaboration in research and education. The visit includes Omsri Aeddula presenting research work at TIMA, PDRL and understanding the research work at CPDM, IISC.

With Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti, he visited Ideas (Innovation, Design Study, and Sustainability) Labs and there were mutual research discussions with Ph.D. students at CPDM. Over the years the collaboration between Prof. Chakrabarti and Prof. Larsson of BTH has involved visits, guest talks, research and conferences, and now it might extend to student exchange.

Later, He attended the silver jubilee celebrations of CPDM, Listening to the experts about the design and how it evolved over the years. More info can be found in the video

For more information: Product Development Research Lab Director, Professor Tobias C., +46(0)455-385525.

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