Högpresterande innovationsteam – Ny bok från Mikael Johnsson

Vi tar ett snack med Mikael Johnsson, PhD, och en kille som förutom uppfinnare, forskare, problemlösare mm även har förmågan att omvandla sin forskning till praktiskt tillämpbar kunskap i bokform. Boken “Högpresterande innovationsteam” (Liber) finns nu att beställa och bygger på Mikaels erfarenheter och forskning. Releaseparty har gått av stapeln på forskningslabbet och vi säger […]

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Designing Product Service Systems in the digital era: a BTH PDRL Special Session at the INCOM 2018 conference

More than 100 billion objects are expected to be connected by 2020 in the Internet of Things. This unprecedented opportunity to record and collect data about how we use a product (or experience a service) is main item in today’s design research agenda. “Data-driven Product Service System design” was the topic of the “Special Session“ […]

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Autonomy on-demand! Autonomous testing of human-driven compaction roller

Can we transform a compaction roller to become temporary autonomous for executing a specific task? And can we do it in a cheap and flexible way? That´s the challenge that Jojje Sundblad and Sebastian Tuma Fischer, master thesis students in Mechanical Engineering at BTH, have faced in collaboration with our research partner Dynapac. Endurance tests […]

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Call for papers: Special Issue on “User Experience and Agile Innovation: A Future of Servitisation”

Assistant Prof. Christian Johansson Askling and Associate Prof. Andreas Larsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, together with Prof. Åsa Ericson and Dr. Johan Lugnet, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, are guest editors for a special issue of the International Journal of Product Development. The purpose of this special issue is to explore the ways in which […]

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BTH PDRL at the DESIGN’18 conference – awards and more

A shiny Dubrovnik welcomed researchers and practitioners to the 15th International DESIGN conference. DESIGN is a biannual event organised by the Design Society, being a main forum to exchange experiences and lessons learned about engineering design from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and fields. BTH PDRL received one of the 3 ‘outstanding contributions’ awards for […]

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Stanford ME310 on final stretch

This year’s Stanford project, ME310, where four students from BTH have collaborated with three students from Stanford University, is in its final stage.

Now, the students will travel to Stanford to complete and present the project at the annual event Stanford EXPE ( in front of teachers, companies and venture capitalists in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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