What is the accelerator?

From technology idea to feasible solution
The PDRL Tech Accelerator is a mechanism to go from a tech based idea to a minimum viable prototype (mvp) that show the potential of the tech idea.

The purpose is to accelerate the tech evaluation process in order to fail or qualify a tech idea before entering into a business mode via a business incubator. 

Experience from years of research, and a global network of experts within the fields of innovation engineering, technology development, and engineering research, improve the odds.

Design Thinking compatible
The three aspects of a successful solution is business viability, technical feasibility and customer desirability are all of importance, but in the tech acceleration we focus the technical feasibility in accelerated pace of typically 1-3 months. 

We provide

  • We help you with a process that support you in your technology acceleration experiments.
  • We give you access to prototyping material and technology to lower the bar in achieving technology learning experiences.
  • We train you in innovation engineering and technology exploration.
  • We coach you together with international experts that suits the challenges you’re facing.
  • We provide a network to entrepreneurs, researchers, companies, needed to scale a technology start-up, and take the next step knowing your tech is up to it!